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Fantasy Books for Kids

Discover great indie books today!


Fantasy Books for Kids is the creation of indie fantasy author, B.S. Gibbs.

This site is just getting started, so expect it to change over time. My hope is to eventually break the recommendation list into separate lists for stand-alone books and for series. The only books that will be recommended are those written by independent authors and those books that either myself, my kids, or both have enjoyed.

For more information about my books, please visit my website at


Submissions:  Although I am not actively seeking submissions,  if you are an indie fantasy author for kids (under 18), feel free to contact me through the contract form on this website.  However, I make no guarantee that I will either read your book or post it here as a recommendation. Much depends upon my availability of free time. Also, if one of us reads your book and it is not our "cup of tea" we won't post anything here. Nor will I reach out to authors with feedback.

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